Tuesday, August 4, 2020

#166) BREAKING NEWS! ;-) “2019 Librascope Reunion Photos Are Now On YouTube”.

On October 12th last year a special Librascope Reunion was held at the request of 92 year old Bonnie Granger, Supervisor of Circuit Board  Assembly, who retired in 1992. Normally, Librascope reunions are held every two years, but Bonnie explained to Georgine Archer that she was getting old and missed seeing her old friends. 

About three dozen people attended the "special" reunion, which was again held at The Federal Bar in North Hollywood. It was Librascope’s 12th Reunion since Lockheed Martin announced the closing of the Glendale Operation in 1997. 

In retrospect, it was good that the reunion was held a year early, since it currently seems unlikely there will be a 2020 reunion. All during the get together, Georgine and my wife, Gloria, took lots of candid photographs. Unfortunately, the lighting was poor, but fortunately we were able to retouch most of the photos and publish them as a short video slideshow on YouTube. To view the 4 minute video, CLICK HERE.

An index to the people appearing in each photo follows:

Monday, February 17, 2020

#165) Librascope Balance Computer on ebay for $875.00

A rare Librascope Model LC-1 Balance Computer has just been listed on ebay for $875.00! A detailed writeup of this seller's same Balance Computer was first posted July 31, 2013 on Blog Post #86: Click Here
to read. Note, the seller's contact information is at the bottom of the post.

A copy of the current description on ebay follows:

"1943 Librascope Balance Computer for the Glenn L. Martin PBM-3C Mariner Series Flying Boat. Model LC-1, S/N 662. Missing the original wooden fabric covered case, but otherwise complete and functional. Extremely rare mechanical computer. Very few were manufactured and fewer yet survive today.

Just one of a complete collection of Load Adjusters I am selling for the Martin PBM and P5M series seaplanes from 1937 to 1967.

You may view the complete ebay posting at "Click Here". Bids close next Monday, February 23rd.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

#164) Att'n: All LibraVets Who Retired Around 1995.

It has come to our attention that the small group of LibraVets who retired around 1995 and received a special severance/pension package, probably received an incorrect Lockheed-Martin (L-M) 2019 “non-qualified” W2 recently. L-M’s Pension Department is aware of the problem, so those LibraVets affected may soon receive a corrected W2. Unfortunately, L-M would not provide us with the names of all those affected due to privacy concerns, so we’re having to post this notice on our Blog for “All Libravets” to read. If you are in this group, and you do not soon receive a corrected W2, you should contact L-M’s Pension Department before filing your 2019 tax returns.

For information on how best to contact L-M’s Pension Department, whether you soon receive a corrected W2 or not, please contact Ralph Simon ASAP. This small group of LibraVet retirees has experienced many L-M pension payment related problems in the past, and some of those problems may repeat in the future. Ralph has offered to share his past pension problem experiences, and any new information he has learned, with all those who contact him. It's important though to contact him now.

Ralph’s e-mail address is: ralph3222@gmail.com

Good luck,