Friday, March 11, 2016

#133) Twenty-five (25) attend recent "Has Beens" luncheon.

After nearly a year hiatus, twenty-five (25) Libravet Has-Beens and a few spouses gathered February 9th for lunch at the Hill Street Cafe in Burbank. As always, it was a great opportunity for Libravets to discuss old-times, current events, and personal stories. Off-line, Georgine mentioned that the next Librascope Reunion is in the "preliminary" planning phase for sometime in early November, 2016. Stay tuned.

Those attending the luncheon were: Georgine Archer, Roy Bartlome, Don Barton, Ken Burton, Charlie Buterbaugh and guest, Emery Fekety, Harvey Geminder, Chuck Gooley, Ray and Sharon Hand, Pat Ha'o, Jim Jaeger, Steve Lebit, Gus Montes, Ed Niekamp, AJ Pankratz, Steve Shepard, Dan Sibley, Ralph Simon, Carl and Gloria Sorensen, Bill Tilden, Don Tubbs, and Earl Valdez.