Monday, June 25, 2012

#68) Important News about Librascope Memories

Our main Librascope Memories website at (click here) is now hosted by a new website hosting service, Rage Software in Canada. This change was necessary because our previous host (Apple's MobileMe) is being discontinued this coming Friday, June 30th. 

Consequently, a few minor feature changes to our website were necessary, but probably no one will notice their absence. The elimination of MobileMe’s Gallery feature, a supplemental photo/video option we provided for viewing our Libravet videos and photo albums on an Apple TV or separately on a computer screen, was the most significant change. You may, however, continue to view this Gallery at (click here) until June 30th. A new supplemental Photo and Video feature will be announced in the future.

Nearly all direct and indirect website references to MobileMe and its various discontinued features have now been converted so as to be compatible with our new host's requirements, including the information our domain forwarder requires. In addition, the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have all been advised of this hosting change.

This conversion should be totally complete soon; however, if you experience any problems in the meantime, please let me know so they can be corrected. You may, for example, receive the following error message during the next few weeks ----

"Looking for something on MobileMe? We can't find the page you requested. Please make sure the URL is spelled and capitalized correctly, and try again".

#67) In Memoriam - Paul Porco

Paul Porto
Larry Knowles reported recently that Paul Porto passed away on May 26, 2012 at the age of 88. Paul worked at Librascope from 1948 until he retired in 1988 after 40 years.  His obituary was published in the Los Angeles Daily News at:

#66) In Memoriam - Jack Kelley

Jack Kelley
John (Jack) F. Kelley passed away June 14, 2012 at the age of 81. Jack worked at Librascope for 36 years - starting in 1956 and retiring as a Senior Engineer in Specialty Engineering in 1992. There are many pictures of him in the Librazettes on-line, including a retirement picture with his wife, Chickie, in the June, 1992 issue. Jack last attended the 2008 Libravet Reunion.

Thanks to Joe Sanfilippo for sending me the following link to Jack's obituary, where you can leave a message in the guest book.