Sunday, June 24, 2018

#154) New Photos from the June 6th Has Beens Luncheon

Earlier this month, twenty-two (22) Libravets and Associates attended the "Has Beens" luncheon at the Burbank Hill Street Inn. Some had not attended for some time. As always, it was a great opportunity to discuss old times, current events, and personal stories.

Thanks to Georgine Archer for providing the following photos of all the attendees. At the last minute, my wife (Gloria) and I were unable to attend.

Photo #1 of 7 (left to right): Carey Capaldi, and Chris Chandler.

Photo #2 of 7 (left to right):
Don Tubbs, Dan Sibley, Ed Niekamp, and Dan Tubbs.

Photo #3 of 7 (left to right):
Emery Fekety, and Georgine Archer.

Photo #4 of 7 (left to right):
Jim Jaeger, Sharon Ouellette, Ralph Simon, A. J. Pankratz, Norm Wilcox, and Bill Tilden.

Photo #5 of 7 (left to right):
Larry Knowles, Jan Brazil, Mark Brazil, and Don Barton.

Photo #6 of 7 (left to right):
Norm Wilcox, Bill Tilden, and Earl Valdez.

Photo #7 of 7 (left to right):
Steve Lebit, Glen Cheslock, and Gus Montes.