Saturday, May 30, 2015

#121) Twenty-three (23) attend recent "Has Beens" luncheon

After over a years hiatus, twenty-three (23) Libravet Has-Beens and a couple spouses gathered March 31st for lunch at the Hill Street Cafe in Burbank. As always, it was a great opportunity for Libravets to discuss old-times, current events, and personal stories.

Those attending, top to bottom and left to right, were:

Photo #1) Ray and Sharon Hand, Gloria and Carl Sorensen, and Don Barton.
Photo #2) Georgine Archer,  Ed Niekamp, and Paul Bazan.
Photo #3) A. J. Pankratz, Roy Bartlome, Earl Valdez, Bill Tilden, and Ralph Simon.
Photo #4} Gus Montes, Paul Bodeau, Steve Shepard, and Harvey Geminder.
Photo #5) Bill Chin, Jim Jaeger, and Chuck Gooley.
Photo #6) Emery Fekety, Dan Sibley, and Don Tubbs.