Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#70) Help Support Librascope Memories With a Free Dropbox

If you are an active computer user, you've probably heard about Dropbox, a simple but reliable computer data storage company that has grown to over 50 million users since 2008. Librascope Memories has been a very satisfied user since 2009. The product works on nearly all platforms, including Windows, Mac OS-X, and most smartphones.

Dropbox offers its users both free and paid accounts that provide up to 200 GB of storage, and there is no limit on individual file size. The first 2 GB is free to new subscribers, but additional free storage is given to current users who sign up new users. Librascope Memories uses several GB of storage, which currently requires that we have an expensive paid account. Future additions to the Librascope Memories website will require that we have even more storage. However, if enough Libravets sign up for a new free account via the special link provided below, we'll have enough free storage to support our website far in to the future.

When you sign up for a free account by clicking the special link below, you'll receive 2 GB of free storage immediately after you complete the installation of Dropbox. In addition, I'll receive 1 GB of additional free storage. Note, after you complete your installation, you too can receive additional free storage by signing up your friends and relatives.

To get started, you must click this special Dropbox link: http://db.tt/3LOdTmT

Note, after you click on the above URL, you'll see a new link at the bottom of the sign up page which will quickly and simply explain Dropbox in more detail.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

#69a) 2012 Librascope Reunion - Only 96 Days Away!

Angeles National Golf Clubhouse in Sunland, CA

As announced last February 24th in Blog Post #54 (click here), the 2012 Librascope Reunion will be held on Saturday November 3rd, at the Angeles National Golf Clubhouse in Sunland, CA. Please help us spread the word to all former Librascope employees and their guests. Former associates of Librascope are, of course, welcome too.

Detailed invitations will be sent out in late August, shortly after Georgine returns from vacation. Meanwhile, please mark Saturday November 3rd on your calendar and await further information next month.