Friday, August 21, 2015

#127) Chris Pearson says "Hello"

Chris Pearson, Librascope Marketing, recently reported that his e-mail address had changed, and asked me to give his best to all the Libravets that may remember him. Chris remarried in 2004 and now has four more children, ages 3 to 9 years, in addition to his 33 year old son. He included a recent snapshot of himself and his two youngest children.

Chris is still working, and is currently the Capture Director for Alima LLC, an Alaska Native Company. He is still in the defense business, but is doing mostly services instead of hardware nowadays. Offices are in Herndon, VA near Dulles Airport. Chris expects to continue working for as long as he can.

Note to all Libravets: If you would like to let other Libravets know what you have been doing, send me a short write-up with a current photo, and (time permitting) I'll post it here for you.