Saturday, November 23, 2013

#95) Frank Copple - A Life Well Lived

Frank Thomas Copple II, 85, of Techachapi, CA passed away from natural causes on October 16th, 2013. He was preceded in death by his beloved wife Betty. He is survived by his sister Rose Marie, daughter Cheryl, son Bob, granddaughters Aleta, Tamara, and Jade, grandson Travis, and four great-grandchildren.

Frank was born in Glendale, California to Frank and Lillian Copple on November 10th, 1927. In his teens, he honed his lifetime appreciation of automobiles and engineering during an apprenticeship at Copple Brothers Automotive (an auto sales and customizing business in Los Angeles).

He graduated from Glendale High School in 1945 and served on active duty in The Marine Corps from 1946 to 1948. He married Betty Jane Harvey in 1949 before moving to Panorama City to raise a family. Frank went on to earn his bachelor's degree in Production Management from UCLA in 1953.

In his younger years Frank was a sports car enthusiast who enjoyed competing in rallies and complex course races called gymkhanas (in which he achieved a number of wins and podium finishes). He also loved camping, golfing, hunting, and fishing with his friends and family, and had a special love for the high sierras.

In 1950, Frank joined Librascope, where he would spend his entire career. He eventually advanced to the position of Manager of Manufacturing Data Systems before retiring in 1989. Upon retirement, Frank and Betty relocated to Tehachapi to enjoy golf and the community life in Stallion Springs. They
truly enjoyed their time together there—golfing, relaxing, and making new friends.

In his later years, Frank was surrounded by family, friends, and companions. He will always be remembered as a loving father, grandfather and great-grandfather, a talented engineer, a quick wit, a loyal friend and companion, a frustrated golfer, and an accomplished punster. He will be missed by many.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

#94) Librascope "Has-Beens" Gather for Luncheon and More.

After over a year's hiatus, twenty-one (21) Librascope "Has-Beens" gathered yesterday for lunch at the Burbank Hill Street Cafe. It was a great opportunity for Libravets to discuss old-times, current events, and personal stories.

Attending the luncheon were Georgine Archer*, Charlotte Ashby, Roy Bartlome, Don Barton, Ken Burton, Charles Buterbaugh, Emery Fekety, Ray Hand*, Larry Knowles, Carl Mandernacht, Ed Niekamp, A. J. Pankratz, Arnold Peters, Hank Pinczower, Marty Rudolf, Dan Sibly*, Ralph Simon, Carl Sorensen*, Billy Tilden, Don Tubbs*, and Earl Valdez.

After the luncheon, a small task force (see names* above) met to discuss Carl Sorensen's recent draft proposal to hold a "silent auction" at the next Librascope Reunion. The objective would be to responsibly dispose of most of the historical Librascope assets currently stored in Georgine Archer's garage, before too much more time goes by.

It was agreed that the 2014 Librascope Reunion would be the best opportunity for such an auction, and that it would provide an additional incentive for more to attend. Various action items were also agreed to, including investigating the possibility of donating Lewis Imm's original Librascope to the Smithsonian. Blog reader's comments/suggestions would be appreciated.