Friday, May 23, 2014

#108) Disney Releases New Book About Former Libravet

The Walt Disney Family Foundation and Weldon Owen Press have released a spectacular new book about a former Librascope employee titled: "The Lost Notebook: Herman Schultheis and The Secrets of Walt Disney's Movie Magic". The book will be available May 27th on Amazon.

After working at Disney, Herman worked at Librascope from 1949 to 1955 when he mysteriously disappeared while on vacation in the Guatemalan jungle. At the time, stories of his disappearance were published in the Librazette. Eighteen months after he disappeared, his remains were discovered.

Three years ago, I posted on this Blog an e-mail from John Canemaker, a distinguished author and animation historian who was preparing to author this book about Herman. You may read John's original inquiry and my initial response on Blog Post #26: Click here. I researched the Librascope archives and Libravet rosters for John, and provided him with whatever information and Libravet contacts I thought would be helpful. John graciously acknowledged Librascope's help in his new book.

At Disney, Herman Schultheis worked in the Special Process/Effects and Camera Lab, where he was a Studio Effects Engineer. The book focuses on the meticulously documented notebooks he covertly kept while working on films utilizing the proprietary animation techniques Disney developed for the very early animation films they are famous for. Fifty years later, these secret notebooks were discovered in his widow's home after she died. That remarkable discovery resulted in the notebooks later being placed in the Walt Disney Family Museum and the publication of this magnificent book.

To read more about the distinguished author and Academy Award winner John Canemaker's work, please visit his website (Click here).

To read much more about the book on Amazon, click here.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#107) Update - A "Race for Hope" for Walt Picker

As planned, Walt's daughter Susan Picker Enriquez recently completed the run/walk for the “Cure Brain Tumors” organization in Washington DC. Her goal was to raise $200 for the fund raiser, but succeeded in raising over $1,600 thanks to several donors, including some of Walt's fellow Libravets. 

Along with her gracious thanks to everyone, Susan sent along some of the photos she took at the event.

If you somehow missed the first opportunity to donate to this very worthy cause in Walt's behalf, you can do it now by going to Susan's website at: Susan's "Cure Brain Cancer" Website. The original story is on Blog Post #104.