Saturday, June 22, 2013

#84) New 2008 Reunion Photos Published On the LM Website.

Georgine Archer recently sent me some photos she took at the 2008 Reunion. As is her custom, Georgine took photos of all the 2008 attendees while at their luncheon tables. There are 18 photos altogether, and I have put them in a new album titled "2008 Libravet Reunion - Tables". They are now published on the "PHOTOS" page of the main Librascope Memories website at To view the photos on this website, first click on the PHOTOS tab at the top of your screen, and then click on the face of the selected album (see example below).

You will note a couple improvements to the PHOTOS section, First, ALL 400+ photos in 14 of the albums are 50% larger than before. Second, this change allowed sufficient caption space under each photo to list the full name of each the new 2008 table album. This caption improvement eliminated the need for a separate name index table. Unfortunately, this improvement is not retroactive (yet).

Last, you can now get a quick preview of all the photos in any album, by "skimming" your mouse across the front of the album.

IMPORTANT: (1) If the date published at the bottom of the Librascope Memories - Welcome page is not June 21, 2013 or later, or (2) if the photos within each album are three across instead of two, you will need to RELOAD or REFRESH your browser 2 or 3 times to correct the problem. This problem occurs most often with Google's Chrome browser for some reason.