Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#13) In Memoriam - Oscar Emanuel Sanden

On October 24th, Oscar Sanden died of leukemia at his home in Stow, Massachusetts. He was married to his wife Lila for 56 years. Before he retired as a Captain in the US Navy, he commanded a destroyer. Then, in 1984, he joined Librascope Engineering, where he retired a little past his fifth year anniversary.

Those who worked with Oscar, included Roy Bartlome, Ray Hand, Harold Klein, Lori Beckler, Sharon Ouellette, Carl Johnson, Harry Kuruma, Gail Rosander, Julia Simmons, Rosemary Zacharias, Zeke Mataga, Barbara Cummins, Judy MacFarlane, and Georgine Archer. Oscar was 78 years old.