Saturday, February 26, 2011

#18) New! 366 Libravet Photo-Movie Now On-Line.

From 1980 through 1989, there were 366 Libravet service award photos published in the Librazettes. Those 366 photos were recently cropped, collected, and put into a slide-show movie format with background music. The resulting 24 minute photo-movie was then published, and is now available for viewing on the Internet. The name of the web-site is Carl’s Gallery, which may be new to some viewers.

Each photo has the Libravet’s name, year the photo was published, and the years of Librascope service being awarded. Service awards were made every 5 years, but unfortunately some Libravets were camera shy when their time came. Consequently, some Libravets had two photos taken during this 10 year period, while others had only one or none. You will note that a few Libravets received awards for 40 years of service!

To view this new photo-movie click here. Next, scroll down to the Movie section on the web-site, and select the “Libravets 1980 - 1989” movie. While you are on the web-site, you will note that there are several other Librascope photo albums and movies that may have been updated since you last saw them.

My thanks to Ray Hand for preparing the 366 photos. To view an index of all the names in alphabetical order click here.