Sunday, October 20, 2019

#163) This News Blog Is Now 9 Years Old!

2010 to 2019 - 163 Posts of Librascope Memories...

9 years ago this month this Librascope Memories - News Blog published its first post, announcing that, so far, there were over 100 reservations for the 2010 Reunion. The new Blog's purpose was to provide a free platform for communicating news of interest to Librascope's many retirees on a timely basis. A Blog format was chosen, because it's easier and quicker to publish the news, compared to a conventional website. BTW, our Librascope Memories website celebrated its 10 year anniversary earlier this year (See Post #160).

Since 2009 there have been over 96,500 pageviews of this Blog from all over the world, including Korea, Canada, Taiwan, Germany, Mexico, France, China, India, Australia, and a few others! During this time, we've covered many subjects, including Librascope Reunions, Librascope surplus equipment sought or for sale, "Has Beens" get togethers, announcements of new additions to the Librascope Memories website, and sadly the Passing of many Libravets. Recent examples of other interesting posts include #145) Moving a Canadian Oberon Class "O" Boat, #143) Stanford Destroys $300,000 Disk Memory, #137) Don Tubbs and His Team's Plan to Go 300+ MPH, #109) My review of Disney's new book about a Libravet, and many, many other posts.

I'm planning to publish (post) a list of all 163+ subjects, with an active ("clickable") link to each one. Meanwhile, stay tuned for a post of some photos from our 2019 Reunion held a couple weeks ago.