Tuesday, August 4, 2020

#166) BREAKING NEWS! ;-) “2019 Librascope Reunion Photos Are Now On YouTube”.

On October 12th last year a special Librascope Reunion was held at the request of 92 year old Bonnie Granger, Supervisor of Circuit Board  Assembly, who retired in 1992. Normally, Librascope reunions are held every two years, but Bonnie explained to Georgine Archer that she was getting old and missed seeing her old friends. 

About three dozen people attended the "special" reunion, which was again held at The Federal Bar in North Hollywood. It was Librascope’s 12th Reunion since Lockheed Martin announced the closing of the Glendale Operation in 1997. 

In retrospect, it was good that the reunion was held a year early, since it currently seems unlikely there will be a 2020 reunion. All during the get together, Georgine and my wife, Gloria, took lots of candid photographs. Unfortunately, the lighting was poor, but fortunately we were able to retouch most of the photos and publish them as a short video slideshow on YouTube. To view the 4 minute video, CLICK HERE.

An index to the people appearing in each photo follows:

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