Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#86) Martin PBM-3C "LC-1 Balance Computor" (circa 1943)

Bruce Barth, an accomplished naval aviation historian and researcher, has a Librascope LC-1 Balance Computor (sic) manufactured for the Martin PBM-3C seaplanes used during W.W. II. Bruce's website is at

Bruce acquired his LC-1 (s/n 662) about 25 years ago at an antique and collectibles show in San Francisco. The unit is in good physical condition and still works; however, it is lacking its original hinged case.

Bruce is wanting to display his Balance Computor in a museum setting, so he is very interested in acquiring a hinged case in almost any condition. He believes the case is the same size as those used on LC-1's designed for other aircraft types such as the PV-1 and PBY. The outside dimensions of his unit are 17.75" x 10" x 2".

You may contact Bruce at: and 1-512-288-9824.

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  1. Please note - my email and phone have changed in 2019. New contact info for Bruce Barth is or 512-897-9395, Meridian, Idaho.