Friday, October 26, 2018

#157) Jay Wilcox - A Voice from the Past

As presidents go, I was a blip on the proud 60+ year history of Librascope. It was late 1992, the Cold War was over, defense was consolidating, and I was sent on my first CEO assignment - to guide you into the Loral family. Instead, you brought me into the Librascope family. While I remember some buzz words of the day like BSY-2 and MICAD, I most remember the talented and warm people I got to know in Glendale - technical, operational, and management alike.

About two days before your October 13th reunion, I jumped online and found I could get there in time from my Ohio home, but getting back would involve an all-nighter. No big deal in 1993, but my now 70-year-old body just doesn’t do red-eyes the way it used to. So, I’m sorry I missed the reunion, but trust you all had a great time reminiscing.

After leaving Glendale in 1993, I stayed with Loral in Akron, Ohio and moved on to Eagan, Minnesota after the Loral merger with Lockheed. In late 2000, I joined the former Loral executive team at L-3 Communications. I served as president of divisions in Philadelphia and Leesburg, Virginia before retiring in 2011. My bride of 20 years, Barbara, and I are enjoying retirement in Columbus, Ohio with our children and grandchildren nearby. With some better planning, perhaps we can both join you for your next reunion. Meanwhile, we toast all of you proud Libravets!


Jay Wilcox

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