Sunday, October 15, 2017

#151) The October “Has Beens” Luncheon - Photos

Several Librascope “Has Beens” gathered this past week to discuss both current events and past experiences. These periodic get togethers started about twenty years ago, a few years before Librascope moved to Manassas, VA!

Attending this luncheon were Gus Montes, Ralph Simon, Georgine Archer, Don Tubbs (and his son), Don Barton, Steve Lebit, Earl Valdez, Carol Wong, Shep Girion, "AJ" Pankratz, Dan Sibley, Emery Fekety, Larry Knowles, Bill Tilden, and Gloria & Carl Sorensen (camera shy).

BTW, Georgine mentioned off-line that she would like to have the next Has Beens luncheon in April, followed by our bi-annual Reunion in October or early November. Comments?

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