Friday, February 3, 2017

#144) Photos of 2016 Librascope Reunion Published on YouTube

Last November 5th, nearly 100  Libravets and guests gathered for Librascope's tenth bi-annual employee reunion since the company announced its closing in the late 1990's. This was almost twice the number of attendees originally forecast!

The reunion was held at the Acapulco restaurant in Glendale, and included a south-western buffet. As always, it was an opportune time to renew old friendships, and reminisce for several hours.

Throughout the day, several photos were taken which are now available on YouTube for everyone to see. The six minute "video slideshow" of the get together may be viewed by CLICKING HERE. Note, please use YouTube's full screen option in the lower right corner for the best viewing.


  1. Awwww what great memories. Mom always asked..."How's that country club you work for?" Enjoyed the re-run of our reunion.
    Many thanks for sharing!!! Julie Kimpe Mahoney

    1. Thank you Julie! I sincerely appreciate your comments.

  2. I received the following e-mail today:

    Thank you for doing this, great job!
    I hope everyone appreciates the effort you & Georgine put into making these possible!
    Jim Carpenter

    1. Thank you Jim - Georgine has worked very hard and done a great job organizing all these reunions.

  3. I received the following e-mali today from Joel C. Rooks:

    Thank you Carl!

  4. I received the following e-mail today:

    Carl.  Thank you for the pix.  I don' think many folks remember me - - -my fault for being a "loner". You folks do a great job with the ever diminishing group of ex Librascopers!
    David Snyder
    PS: I was with Harry Ford, George Rebane, Mark Ferry, Bruce Luther, Georgine Archer, Carol Goldthwaite, Jerry Deitz; et al, from 1958 to 1968 (approx). Disney hired me away from GP/Librascope.   Never the same.

  5. Received the following e-mail Saturday:

    Your video slide show was excellent. Thank you for putting it together. I liked the balance of your candid pictures and my group pictures.

  6. Also received this e-mail Saturday:

    Hello Carl, Great job on the photo slideshow. I haven’t seen these faces for many years—I even recognized some of my colleagues!
    Victor Riehl

  7. Received this e-mail yesterday:

    Hello Carl.
    Thanks for sharing the photo slideshow of last November's reunion. I enjoyed the photos and recognized many of the Libravets in the photos. Sorry I missed the reunion.
    Wishing you and your family a happy & prosperous 2017.
    Chris Chandler

  8. Received this e-mail today:

    Hi Carl.
    Sure is great to hear from the Librascope gang, (what is left of us). I can't believe I've been retired since 1985. Just turned 88!
    Thanks for keeping good old L. alive. Your work and all of your "gang" is very much appreciated.
    Take care,
    Chuck Brennaaun

  9. Received this e-mail today:

    Hi Carl,
    I enjoyed looking at the pictures. I recognized some of the faces, but couldn't quite make out the names on their badges. I saw the pictures of 3 of my former co-workers though, as well as yourself.

    I really would like to make the reunion one of these days, so that I can say hi to my friends while they are still able to attend. It just happens to occur at a busy time where I'm working. I guess I'll have to play sick for the next reunion; that's the only way to get out of work ;-)
    Thanks for keeping the Librascope Memories active.
    Tony Cappellini

  10. Received this e-mail request today:

    Dear Carl; I was unable to attend the reunion this time again due to health issues. Do you have a copy of the roster of who attended the Reunion? I am pre 1964 alumni. Were there many prior to that year? May I request any other information here that you may have?
    Thank you,
    Vern Larson. 1959-1964

    1. Hi Vern,
      Sorry, but I don't have a list of the attendees I can send you. However, I have asked Georgine Archer if she can help you.
      Take care,

  11. Received the following news from Newport, RI yesterday:

    Thank you for all your effort in organizing the annual luncheons. It looks like the ranks are thinning, sad to say.

    I also have bad news to report from RI that one of the field reps. passed away last month - Bob Babcock.

    It's a long haul to attend your lunches, but maybe someday I can attend.
    Thank you
    T. Scott Williams

  12. Received this comment yesterday -

    Enjoyed - very good as usual. :)
    Lila Reynolds

  13. Received this e-mail Monday -

    CARL: Thanks for forwarding the great slide show of the Librascope reunion.. Great attendance it was indeed. I recognized Don Tubbs, but I did not see Arnold Peters (my old boss on RAN program)... was Peters there, or is that I just did not recognize him in the photos? I would have liked to attend one of these... but it is an awful long drive for lunch from Palm Springs. I am set to retire from the City in December this year.. I will certainly wish to attend the next Librascope reunion after I am retired and have the time to do things like this in life. Ironically, just after receiving your email, I received a Happy Valentine’s day email from Jill Amidon. She is retired and living on her “North Forty” in Washington State... and says hello to you.
    Jim Sherman