Sunday, June 14, 2015

#123) Nearly 100 2014 Reunion Photos Published on LM!

As planned, the 2014 Librascope Reunion was held last November at the Angeles National Golf Club in Sunland, CA. Approximately 75 Libravets and their guests attended. During the event, many (98) photographs were taken, including Georgine's customary table photos and many more candid photos. Special thanks to my wife, Gloria Sorensen, for volunteering to take most of the candid photos.

As with past Reunions, the name of each attendee appearing in the above photos has been added to each photo's caption. All 98 photos, have now been published on the Librascope Memories web-site. To view all of them:

Click here for all the 2014 Table Photos , and

Click here for the 88 Candid Photos

Other updates to the Librascope Memories website this time include:

1) Two Sea Stories contributed by Ray Hand were added to Section III (last two items) on the History page. Click here.

2) A 1960’s Christmas party photo (the second photo) has been added to the People Album. Click here.

3) Finally, the FAQ’s page was updated. Click here.

4) And of course, as always, the Librascope Memories (LM) Blog page was updated to include this 50th update. Click here. Note, this LM Blog is not to be confused with the LM - News Blog you are reading now.

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