Saturday, May 12, 2012

#65) A New Librascope Blog Format For Your Smartphone

Librascope News Blog on an iPhone 4
Up until now, when the Librascope Memories - News Blog was viewed on a smartphone such as an iPhone, the information was too small to read or control comfortably.

Now, a new reformatted blog design is available for smartphones (and iPod Touches), which has been considerably improved for accessability. If you already have the Librascope Blog bookmarked, it should automatically convert over to the new format the next time you view it. The new format is shown here on an iPhone 4. You will note that the text is much larger than before. Blog posts are viewed by simply scrolling downward, and selecting the ones to be read.

If you don't already have the Librascope Memories - News Blog on your smartphone, just bookmark: in your browser and you'll be done. Note, on most smartphones today, you can also elect to have a dedicated bookmark icon placed on your "Home Screen" and labeled "Librascope Blog". Finally, I should mention that for those who may wish to return to the old format temporarily, there is a "web version" link provided at the bottom of each page.

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