Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#37) In Memoriam - Wallace "Pat" Patterson

Wallace "Pat" Patterson
On March 15th, Wallace (Pat) Patterson passed away after having been diagnosed with lung cancer in January. He and his wife, Martha, had been married for 36 years.

Pat worked for Librascope from 1983 to 1999. Pat and Martha both enjoyed the five years spent in Nuremburg, Germany, then Eatontown, NJ and Bel Air, MD., with Librascope   Prior to that, he had retired as a Lt. Colonel after having served 22 years in the Army.

Pat had fond memories of his years with Librascope and the many people he worked with, especially his boss, Hank Pinczower.

In 1999, after he left Librascope, Pat and his wife moved to Hopkinsville, KY. That same year, he became a consultant for Intellitec of Deland, Florida for the next four years.

Pat's many hobbies included the computer, reading, music and especially his guitar. He also took time to transfer all his LP's to CD's, which took many months.  Another special interest was genealogy.

Pat was buried, with full military honors, in the KY Veterans Cemetery West in Hopkinsville. His wife Martha survives, as well as two sons and a stepson.

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  1. Today I received the following e-mail from Carl Mandernacht, who worked with Pat:

    Dear Carl,

    I was saddend fo read (on the Blog) that my co-worker, personal friend and mentor has passed away.

    Pat and I both worked for Hank Pinczower starting in the 80's, Pat as the manager of our Army Program field office in Germany, and I as a field service supervisor in Glendale tasked to support the effort of Pat and his crew. Occasionally I would travel to Germany to assist during Army training operations, testing, or other tasks, as needed. During those trips I got to know Pat and Martha and admired how effective he was as a manager and they as a team. Pat could relate and associate with soldiers at all levels, from very senior generals to very junior enlisted men. And keep his shop and crew running efficiently and in harmony with the needs of the army customer.

    When Pat decided to return to the U.S. (Martha was more than ready) Hank selected me to replace him. Pat was unexpectedly extended a few weeks due to a very special trade show in northern Germany, but it was to my advantage because it gave me an opportunity to have a productive turnover and learn from him and Martha the advantages and drawbacks of living in Germany and ease the "culture shock", in addition to witnessing how Pat and his crew dealt effectively with customers, vendors, and the various other people they came in contact with professionally and socially on a daily basis. Their guidance very much eased my transition to my new duties and new home.

    Pat was a valuable asset to Librascope, the army program and me, and is missed.

    Carl Mandernacht