Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#23) News from Mark Derksen at Manassas

The other day, I received the following e-Mail from Mark Derksen at Manassas. As you can see, he has been busy working on some important and interesting programs.

Hello Carl,

I guess the few of us remaining here could be considered the “remnant of Librascope” because technically we are still the same company in a new location.  I think there are probably 10 – 12 of us still here.  Things are going well and I’m keeping busy.

I have been working International Submarines since 2006 and am the Weapons SME (Subject Matter Expert).  My main focus has been the Spanish S80 submarine and I have also been working the Brazil 209 upgrade that is now undergoing sea acceptance tests.  The S80 is still a couple of years from being launched.  I am also just now starting a weapons upgrade to the Walrus class submarine for the Royal Netherlands Navy.

I originally came here as the SME of the NBC (now called CBRN) programs and successfully completed the MICAD program in early 2001.  Subsequent to that the BAWS program gained new life internationally and I supported systems for the Czech Republic, Germany, Canada, and the largest by far, Japan.  I spent a fair amount of time in Japan training the Japanese soldiers.  I transferred back to International submarines when S80 started because of my previous weapons experience on U.S. submarines and the Australian submarine.

I hope you’re enjoying your retirement and are doing all the things you wanted to do before you retired.


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