Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#106) Wow, 5 Years Of Librascope Memories!

Five years ago this month (April) the Librascope Memories website was first published on the Internet. Since that time, the website has grown considerably, and many Libravets, their family members, and countless others have enjoyed its historical content.

Currently, the Librascope Memories website includes:
- 301 Librazettes*
- 38 Librascope news items*
- 69 Librascope product literature sheets (advertisements)*
- 21 Misc. Librascope Brochures"
- 8 Sea Stories written by Libravets*
- 5 Librascope Videos
- 16 Librascope Photo Albums (including the past 5 Reunions)

* 100% searchable via the Librascope Memories Evernote website.

For those many Libravets who helped contribute to the website's success, I want to thank you. I believe the next five years will bring even more Librascope memories to our website for all to enjoy in the years to come.

PS: Only 185 days until the 2014 Librascope Reunion on November 1st! Please mark the date now.

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