Tuesday, August 23, 2016

#139) The Making of an LGP-30 Emulator Kit

Thanks to Libravet Tony Cappellini who provided the following news story:

While attending the Vintage Computer Festival - West (sponsored by the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA), Tony met Oscar Vermuelen from Switzerland. Oscar has a couple websites dedicated to vintage computers, including a couple emulation kits he designed and now offers for sale. One emulator kit is for the Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) PDP-8.

Recently, Oscar undertook the task of emulating the Librascope LGP-30. Currently, he is putting together a kit for a small replica which will run on the tiny but affordable Raspberry Pi hobby computer.

Here are two of Oscar’s blog posts describing his LGP-30 progress so far this year:

February 21, 2016 Blog Post "Making a LGP-30" (click here)

June 3, 2016 Blog Post "Using the SIMH LGP-30 emulator" (click here)

To further his understanding, Oscar would like to exchange information with anyone from Librascope or anyone else that is familiar with the LGP-30. He can easily be reached using the Contact section on either of his two websites:. If you are reading this post in an e-mail, you may also leave a comment beneath this post on the blog's website (click here).

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  1. I received the following response from Oscar today:

    Many thanks for the post! I had seen your site already, but was a bit hesitant to contact you before the machine is completely done. But thanks to Tony, I now got over that hurdle - there are indeed some questions left after reading the manuals and inspecting the scant video footage of a running LGP-30.

    In fact, my efforts on the LGP-30 may not be the most interesting ones. There are people both in the US and in Germany who are looking to replicate the machine much more elegantly in CPLDs (which means, not simulate it in software but to replicate the electronic logic in a chip).

    Kind regards,

  2. Ray Hand sent in the following comment:

    Hi Carl,
    This is so cool. I like this kind of thing. I hope he succeeds.

    I wonder what other projects LibraVets might dream up. Maybe we should have a contest.