Friday, June 3, 2016

#137) Don Tubbs' and His Team’s Plan to Go 300+ MPH.

Since their Librascope retirement, Don Tubbs, Ed Niekamp, and Dan Sibley have been very busy preparing to help a famous race car owner’s family set new land speed records. Don, the project's Technical Director, recently sent me the following e-mail with an attached industry newsletter describing their project activities and goals.

Hi Carl. 
Well we finally took our Bonneville Salt Flats "Smoke-n-Mirrors" streamliner for its first ever test runs. Ed Niekamp, Dan Sibley, and myself have spent many hours of hard work to get it ready for this year's racing season. Ed is the electrical/electronic engineer on the project, and Dan helps Ed and I with the computer areas. 

Below is a link to an interesting newsletter article about the recent success of our efforts at the El Mirage dry lake bed, where the Southern California Timing Association  (SCTA) has a race track. My old friend, Kent Fuller, designed this race car a few years ago, and now his grandson, Gregory Fuller, is the driver.

The other day we had a meeting to discuss all the work required in order for us to be ready for "Speed Week" at the Bonneville Salt Flats. This will certainly keep us retired Librascope engineers happy and plenty busy.

Project Technical Director

PS Please click here to view the Rodder's Journal newsletter article titled "Smoke-n-Mirrors" Hits the Lakes. Below are photos from this article. Note, Don is driving the "push truck".


  1. Exciting stuff - good luck Don!
    Jay Wilcox (

  2. Carl MandernachtJune 4, 2016 at 10:42 AM

    I look at Smoke and Mirrors pix and think, "holy smoke".
    Good luck, Don and company!

  3. An Email from Les Urban - A most exciting article. I didn’t know that we had Libravets talented in this field. Please do keep us posted on the Bonneville results.
    Les Urban

  4. An Email from Dan Englehardt -

    Wow great work.
    Dan E.

  5. An e-mail from Lila Reynolds -

    Racing can be fun and $$$. We are a racing family. My husband and son built them and our son raced them. Lila