Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#126} Thomas C. Mulholand Recently Passed.

To All LM - NB Readers,
Recently, I e-Mailed Tom Mulholand to ask if he could help us with Blog Post #124 regarding Librascope's disc memory history. Then, yesterday, I received the following e-mail from Steve, Tom's son-in-law, informing me of his passing last December. Tom was 87.

My name is Steve Goodkin and I am Tom's son-in-law. I am sorry to have to tell you that Tom passed away in Las Vegas on December 15th. His wife, Corky, has moved up to Oregon to be near her daughter, Linda.

A search of all our on-line Librazettes found Tom mentioned in several issues. A brief summary follows.
  • May, 1972 - Elected “Trip Chairman” of the Librascope Ski Club.
  • July, 1974 - Blood Donor List.
  • November, 1975 - Appointed Program Manager of Computer Products. Formerly a Senior Quality Control Engineer at Librascope, Tom came to Librascope five years ago (1970) from Ocean Technology where he was QA Manager. He received a BSEE from the American Television Institute of Technology in Chicago.
  • November, 1976 - Ski Club President.
  • July, 1977 - Re-elected Ski Club President.
  • March, 1979 - Ski Club Treasurer;
  • April, 1980 - 10 Year Libravet Award.
  • March and July, 1990 - 20 Year Libravet Award (Operations).

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  1. An e-mail from Don Barton:

    Hi Carl,
    A real surprise! Lupe and I visited Tom & Corky a few years ago while in Vegas and only saw them a couple times since. I'm surprised there wasn't more in the Librazette on his history with Librascope. After his stint as PM under Bob Fuchiek he went on to work under Hank on Army programs. He was involved in those programs for many years.

    As an aside: Getting back to the PM of Computer Products, Howard Shatkin was there for a number of years and when he was ready to move on to another company, he asked if I was interested in the spot. At that time I was having too much fun in Engineering but recommended he talk to Tom. I thought he would do a good job. ...and he did. Then later on when Hank asked Tom to come with him to the Army programs, I told Tom and Bob I would like the spot. And that happened.

    Also, regarding the Ski Club. I had joined the Litton ski club, the Minarets, in Canoga Park, for a couple years in the late 60s and thought it would be good to have a ski club at Librascope. So I contacted Nancy and we made arrangements to hold our first meeting. We elected the first Pres, me, and trip chairman, Bill Dempsey, and named the club the "LibraSkiers". The following year or so Tom and others came aboard and Tom became the Trip Chairman and eventually the Ski Club President. Of course he was a shoe-in since he and Corky had a Condo at Mammoth. We made a lot of trips there and have great memories of it all.

    Our memories also include the great Christmas Dinner parties. The Computer Products group would meet at Tom and Corky's for cocktails then off to a restaurant for dinner. We'll miss them both.