Friday, June 5, 2015

#122) Tom Charbonneau Passed Away

To All Readers,
Sadly, I received the following e-mail from Georgine Archer this morning:

To the Libravets who may remember Tom,

Tom Charbonneau passed away Tuesday, May 19 after a couple of days in the hospital. He had been diagnosed with an inoperable cancer about 8 months ago and prior to his passing had enjoyed good times with his family and friends.

There will be a remembrance gathering for him on June 6 for his family and close friends. My husband, Bob has been a close friend of Tom’s since their days at UCLA.

I will be attending the remembrance gathering. If you have any memories of Tom that you would like to share with his family, please send it by Reply email.

I prepared the attached document using information published in the Librazettes.

Please forward this message to anyone not on the distribution for this message who may have worked with Tom.




Tom started at Librascope in 1975.  In 1995 he, along with other 20+ service award celebrants, happily received his 20 year Service Award at the Cinnabar, a local Glendale restaurant. See Blog Post #77.

Georgine Archer prepared the following by searching the 300+ Librazettes online:

"Librazette News Clippings for Tom Charbonneau"

July 1980 - TOM CHARBONNEAU – PROMOTION from Sr. Engineer to Staff Engineer

December 1980 – 5 Year Anniversary

July 1981 - TOM CHARBONNEAU – PROMOTION from Staff Engineer to Supervisor-System Support & Evaluation;

June 1982 - Librascope Wins Competition For U.S. Army Contract

Librascope has been awarded a contract to carry out the Advanced Development phase for the U.S. Army's Communications Control System (CCS). The CCS is a highly intelligent front-end communications processor to be used with artillery tactical data systems.

Hank Pinczower, Director, Army Programs, notes that design of the CCS will permit its use with existing and planned Army communications system beyond the year 2000.

Administered by the U.S. Army Electronics Command, Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey, the initial contract is for $3.5 million and covers the delivery of six test type CCS's over a contract span of 20 months.

The CCS's will be delivered to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma for incorporation into the realistic user environment of the TACFIRE Artillery Test Bed. Human engineering factors will be an important consideration in all phases of the tests.

Tom Charbonneau will serve as Librascope's CCS project manager.

At the conclusion of the Advanced Development phase, the U.S. Army plans to enter Engineering Development and Final Engineering Design phases. Each phase will be under a separate contract.

July 1985 - Engineering Department Reorganization Creates New Supervisors and Assignments
Continued growth in the Engineering Department has resulted in organizational restructuring, as announced by Jerry Deitz, Engineering Vice President.
• New Supervisors in Systems Engineering Lawry Chapin, Manager):
Thomas Charbonneau, Systems Design (Army Programs)
John Good, Systems Design (CCS Programs)

November 1985 – 10 Year Anniversary

April 1990 – 

October 1990 – 15 Year Anniversary

October 1995 -- 20 Year Anniversary (see photo above) 

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  1. Received the following e-mail from Ann Picker (Walt's wife):

    I am so sorry to hear about the passing away of Tom Charbonneau and want to extend sympathy to his family.

    Ann Picker