Friday, October 17, 2014

#114) A Genealogist Needs Your Help

I received the following e-Mail from Judy Williams, a genealogist looking for information about a former Librascope employee named R. J. (Bob) Hoffman who worked in SED Reliability. He is in both the August and October 1964 Librazettes (see photo).

She believes he had a wife and daughter who worked in the Assembly Department. If you remember anything about this family, please e-mail Judy at the address below.
Thanks, Carl

I am helping someone search a family tree with the surname Hoffman. It is believed in the mid 60's, several individuals in this Hoffman family were working in the electronics industry.

In 1965, Mr. Hoffman was a technician. His wife and daughter were both electronic assemblers back then. Unfortunately, I don't have first names but I came across an R.J. Hoffman that was in the engineering section of SED Reliability at Librascope in August 1964. This information was printed in a Librazette company newsletter.

I was hoping you could tell me if R.J. Hoffman that worked at Librascope had a wife and daughter that were assemblers there too. If so, I'm sure it's very possible that by now they are deceased. I was hoping to connect with their daughter.

Thank you and kind regards,
Judy Williams

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