Monday, December 30, 2013

#98) Free Book - Lockheed Martin's First 100 Years

Celebrating their 100th anniversary, Lockheed Martin recently published a beautifully illustrated 273 page book, and it is now available for free.

Filled with inspiring stories, illuminating images and interesting details that chronicle Lockheed Martin’s heritage, the new commemorative book, “Innovation with Purpose” proudly highlights the Company's first 100 years.

If you missed ordering the paperback copy that Lockheed Martin offered to retirees in October, you can now get a free copy from Apple's iBook Store. Note, you will need the iBook App on an iPad (iOS-6, or later), or a Mac with the new Mavericks OS X v10.9 Operating System installed.

In addition, Lockheed Martin plans to offer a free PDF download in the near future. Click here to check the current status. You'll also find the paperback book listed on Amazon, but it is "currently unavailable".

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