Thursday, November 7, 2013

#94) Librascope "Has-Beens" Gather for Luncheon and More.

After over a year's hiatus, twenty-one (21) Librascope "Has-Beens" gathered yesterday for lunch at the Burbank Hill Street Cafe. It was a great opportunity for Libravets to discuss old-times, current events, and personal stories.

Attending the luncheon were Georgine Archer*, Charlotte Ashby, Roy Bartlome, Don Barton, Ken Burton, Charles Buterbaugh, Emery Fekety, Ray Hand*, Larry Knowles, Carl Mandernacht, Ed Niekamp, A. J. Pankratz, Arnold Peters, Hank Pinczower, Marty Rudolf, Dan Sibly*, Ralph Simon, Carl Sorensen*, Billy Tilden, Don Tubbs*, and Earl Valdez.

After the luncheon, a small task force (see names* above) met to discuss Carl Sorensen's recent draft proposal to hold a "silent auction" at the next Librascope Reunion. The objective would be to responsibly dispose of most of the historical Librascope assets currently stored in Georgine Archer's garage, before too much more time goes by.

It was agreed that the 2014 Librascope Reunion would be the best opportunity for such an auction, and that it would provide an additional incentive for more to attend. Various action items were also agreed to, including investigating the possibility of donating Lewis Imm's original Librascope to the Smithsonian. Blog reader's comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

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