Friday, September 28, 2012

#79) In Memoriam - Jack Bamberger

Jack Bamburger, 1979

The following e-mail was received this morning from Rick Bamberger: 

"I regret to announce that a very great man, my Dad, passed away in his sleep about 1:30am this morning, September 28, 2012.

He served his country for over 22 years in the US Navy (a veteran of WWII and Korea), upon leaving the military he was employed in the private sector for over 27 years with Librascope (now part of Lockheed Martin), and was retired for the past 25 years. He lived a long and full life to the wonderful age of 94.

I will miss him as he was my father and a friend."

Rick Bamberger

Jack started at Librascope in late 1961, and worked there until he retired 27 years later.  In 1979 he was promoted to Manager of Publications.  

Jack last attended the Librascope Reunion in 2008, where many enjoyed visiting with him. 


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