Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#60) A Response to the "Building 28" Bar Question - Post #57

Jim Conway, formerly listed on "Currently Lost Libravets" (click here), recently wrote us:

I worked at Librascope from 1957 until 1964. I was fortunate to have one of the best bosses, Lane Wolman, I ever worked for. I started at Librascope after graduating from UCLA, and I left to join Scientific Data Systems which was later purchased by Xerox.

As to "Building 28", it was actually called "Ken and Rod's", and it was located off of San Fernando Road. It was known for its cheap draft beer, hamburgers, and chili. There were baskets of peanuts to go with the draft beer, and the floor was covered with peanut shells. They also cashed checks on pay day.

We had many engineering meetings at Building 28!

Where do I register as a Librascope alumni?

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  1. Don Barton e-mailed me the following:
    Hi Carl
    I almost responded to this question a week or so ago. I remember the place as "The Crash In". They had a Neon sign with a Lightning Bolt blasting into the ground with "Crash In" at the top. That's what it was called before it became "Ken and Rods". In my youth living in Burbank and Glendale during and after WW2. The place was popular for those working in and around the Grand Central Airport, before Librascope built on the end of the runway.
    Check it out.