Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#44) A Couple Interesting Tid-Bits.

1) Since we posted the "Lost Libravets" page at we've located 16 individuals that were missing from our current master e-Mail list of nearly 500 Libravets. The "newly found" are highlighted in orange. Please take a look at this newly updated list and see if you know any of the Libravets that are still missing.

2) This month will mark the 1 year anniversary of this News Blog. Since October 20, 2010 we have had nearly 12,000 hits (visitors), or nearly 1,000 per month! Visitors have come from several countries, including China, Iran, Sweden, Canada, Russia, and more.

3) Nearly 100 Libravets have subscribed to our Blog mailing list recently, with many more to come. Remember, it's free and easy to subscribe, and only subscribers automatically receive e-mail copies of postings the same day they are made. See Blog Post #41 below for instructions on how to subscribe.

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