Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#17) "Librascope Document Errors" List

When using the powerful Librascope Search function included on the Librascope Memories web-site, it is important to realize that there are, for example, spelling errors in the Librazettes that can affect your search results. To reduce this problem, a new document with all the errors currently known to exist, along with their corrections, has been added to the Librascope Search database stored on-line.

To illustrate how this will help, assume you want to search for Nick "Costantini". Initially, all the Librazettes and other documents that include his name correctly spelled will appear in the search results, along with this new "Librascope Document Errors" document. When viewed, this new document will list all the additional documents where Nick's name is misspelled as, say, Constantini.

The Librascope Document Errors" document may be viewed by clicking here. Please let us know if you find any errors that we should add to this list.

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